6 Tips for Better SEO | SEO – Part 1

Everyone wants to boost their SERP (that is to say, your position on a Search Engine Ranking Page in response to a specific query), and yet, we find that clients often get so caught up in how to beat the system that they overlook a lot of the basics.

In order to help you get a jump on your SEO efforts, we’re sharing 6 Tips for Better SEO. These are some of the fundamentals that you can do yourself, or you can ask an expert (like us!) to help you with.


Hierarchical link structure1. Navigation and link structure.

It may sound simple, but all of the pages on your site should be reachable from a static link on another page. This means making sure that you don’t have any broken links or orphan pages floating around your site, and that your navigation is clear and hierarchical.


2. Links.

It’s great to link to relevant content and offer useful information to your users, but be careful not to go overboard. Too many links on any given page might raise a flag and make your site look like a “link farm” to a crawler.



3. Images

Images are a compelling aspect of any site, but it’s important to keep in mind that search engine crawlers cannot read the text contained in images. If the information is important, either put it into plain HTML, or use the image’s “ALT” tag to include a brief description.


Content4. Content

Content is the most important part of your site. No matter what other methods you employ to boost your SERP, writing clear, information-rich content that is relevant to your site is the most essential element to good SEO.


5. Keywords – use them!

I’m not referring to keywords in meta tags (that ship sailed a long time ago), but rather keywords that are used in your content. It may be helpful to take a moment and think about the subject matter of your page. Now imagine that you’re searching for that page using a search engine. What words would you type into your search engine to find that content? Those are your keywords and you should use those words in the content that you’re writing.


6. Keywords – be reasonable!

Be reasonable with keywords! If you try to use your keywords too many times on a single page, search engines will see this as keyword “stuffing” and will actually think your content is less relevant than it actually is. Striking a balance is important.



We hope that you enjoyed these 6 Tips for Better SEO. Check back often for more SEO tips, and if you have any questions regarding our SEO services, drop us a line and we’ll get you a free customized quote ASAP.

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