Image consulting, social media, and marketing

The other day I was doing a bit of SEO consulting for a client in a business niche that admittedly is pretty foreign to me. I’m naturally a big proponent of leveraging all forms of internet marketing and social media to boost your company’s image, but there’s leverage, and then there’s leverage.


Sometimes your company’s image really needs a makeover, or perhaps you need a lot of guidance in knowing what NOT to tweet or post to Facebook. Well apparently, there’s an entire industry devoted to just this sort of thing. Who knew?


If your company PR needs a bit of TLC, or you personally need help making some adjustments to your image, gregarious air force veteran Lena Melekard might be able to give you the help you need.


As CEO of an image consulting company, she helps individuals and businesses project the most effective image possible. Her company (Len Melekard, LLC) works with individuals and businesses virtually, as well as face-to-face, depending on the location and needs of the client.


For individuals, Lena works on personal image techniques. This often includes wardrobe consultations, as well as speaking and presentation coaching. For businesses, she works on branding and business image management, taking the idea of leveraging your internet presence to the next level. I’m sure (read: totally guessing) that this includes a lot of redirection of good intentions. In my head, she’s akin to that inner voice far too many of us ignore that says, “you really can’t say that” and “what is the point of that post?”.


So if you’re inner voice needs a microphone, or your ship needs a rudder in navigating complicated PR waters, reach out to Lena and see what she can do for you. You can connect with her any of the following ways:


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